Tuesday – Home runs going up on a…


I hope my mom doesn’t see this

Yep, there goes my Tuesday.
Kyle who

Kyle who?


Touch my chipotle one more time bro.


After a Monster, a red bull and a wink from an attractive female

Big day in sports as the home run derby looks to defy the odds of staying relevant in a fast paced society. I personally believe that the derby well over delivered compared to all of the bashing that it received from sports commentators today. The suspense that I felt when Bryce was only at 4 home runs with basically half the time left in the finals and to see him pull through with a huge last second push was spectacular, bat flip and all. Additionally, look at the summer league coming to a close the Cavs/Lakers matchup in double overtime proves that sports will always get the blood pumping and the Tuesday train rolling, adios FOS.



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