Thursday – Espys, Espys everywhere!


The boys are back in town, congrats on the best team award at the ESPYs


Chloe Kim, “So how many rings does Lebron have?”

Katie Nolan

Does anyone else think Katie Nolan secretly stole the show?


Manny Los Angles Machado, which AL team will meet him in the WS?


When you end up watching too many Jurassic park movies

For being a quiet week in sports it sure was a cacophony of moves that were made. The most notable being Manny to the dodgers, which I am supportive of as long as the cubs or brewers didn’t get him. The other major move was Leonard to the Raptors. It sounds to me that there was no better move to be made and that there were not many options left so the spurs took the best offer. The Espys were full of American pride and emotion, I had about 12 photos to post but I will stay true to the rule 5 draft for now. Hopefully it inspired victims to speak out and inspired everyone to value their time with loved ones and to appreciate the blessed talent that the ole US of A has in this year country. Tomorrow I am extremely excited for the start of the 5 game Cubs/Cardinals series. It will undoubtedly determine if the Cardinals are real or if they will begin to sell assets to reload for next year. Personally hoping for the former. Please send me stills of moments in sports so that I can feature them in the flagship posts and on Instagram:Facesofsports2018

Later Gamers.


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