Friday – Sweet Freedom with Red and Blue


An exciting day to see baseball kick off its second half, Molina went 4-5, but the Cardinals fell to the Cubs 9-6


“Did I leave that pizza in the oven before I left?”


“When someone walks by with a chick-fil-a bag.”


Guy in the bottom right, “Why they have me a ladies medium I’ll never know”


Alex Morgan – “To infinity and beyond!”

Today was a great day in the sporting relm. First of we had a classic St. Louis and Chicago matchup, one of the oldest rivalries there are. For all you golf lovers there was a great showing at the Open in Ireland. I think everyone that was alive during the age when Tiger Woods was dominating golf is rooting for him to emerge once again and take over the golf world. While struggling superstar Jordan Spieth is fighting for notoriety and a much needed first win of 2018. On a smaller market the X Games are looking to gain ground with big air skateboard and BMX half pipe competitions, hosted by Legend Bob Burnquist (anyone who played tony hawk pro skater knows who I am talking about). Finally I wanted to close off the day by giving a shout out to Orlando’s own Alex Morgan getting invited to Team USA workouts.

Later Gamers!


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