Wednesday – If Variety is the spice of life, so why not add some cricket.


History was made last night as the Cardinal’s produced two elite rookie pitchers that on their debut no-hit the reds through 7 and 6 innings respectively.


To all you Fantasy Football goons, seeing contract headlines and Matthew Berry posts are always a welcome sign, what is your trophy? comment below.


Free Agent news, Brother Zach is welcomed to the pinstripes.


Imam from Pakistan took Zimbabwe to town in their latest match of cricket, and I have only one comment, put that in Bryce Harpers hands and watch Bond’s record disappear.


Golf’s new favorite woman Brittany Lincicome Birdied and eagled back-to-back holes to be one of the first women ever to finish under par in a men’s PGA event.

This time of year the sports world gets dominated by the resurgence of football talk NFL and NCAA, the basketball free agency and MLB post season runs. It is crazy when you start to look deeper into all the events the amount of exciting events that are going on around the world and how hundreds of millions of people are tuning in and standing on the edge of their seats to see the outcome of these events. I personally am looking forward to all the rookies that the Cardinals are producing, Brittany Lincicome picking a random PGA event to go out and win and a little cricket to be a symbol of endurance and a bazzilion runs.

Be a gamer!


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