Friday – ZLATAN, Johnny Manziel and Margot Hayes


Quite possibly the best quote I’ve heard all year, “If I had come to the US 10 years ago, I would be president.”


Didi! – Who was red hot at the beginning of the year is starting to heat back up in a big Yankees win.


The most anticipated CFL debut of all time – Will Johnny Football rise again?


Second year Hoskins continuing to show that he has the potential to be a all time great, hitting diggers since the all star break.


15a Women Climbing Legend Margot Hayes – If you have not watched her documentaries and interviews, please stop and go do that right now.

I wanted to show a good variety of different sports today. All the media outlets are watching the NFL mini camps, fantasy football leagues are gearing up for their drafts and the NBA is somehow staying in the headlines with forced soap opera events. So today I bring you someone I personally find exciting, Zlatan! He is going to be a fixture of the MLS for years to come and I believe if he continues to perform he will take MLS to the next level. There was a lot of amazing plays in the MLB; the Cubs walked off in stylish fashion, Rhys Hoskins looks to be making a case to be a star for the league and the Yanks lost Judge for 3 weeks, but Didi looks to be getting hot so they may not be an issue. Johnny Manziel is a story everyone wants to be go well, hopefully he will be able to see if he still has some magic here pretty soon. Finally how awesome is it that we have someone like Margot Hayes in the sport of rock climbing, she is the embodiment of perseverance and a charisma. Most of you have probably never heard of her but I challenge you to research and I promise you wont be disappointed. Here’s to everyone team putting up a good effort.

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