Monday -Bridgestone, Fly Fishing and Aces


ICYMI – Andrew Benintendi has been an absolute Yankee killer since he has come into the league and for those few that stayed up, it was quite the treat.

Cassie Spurling

Cassie Spurling is one of America’s brightest up and coming fly fishers. If you have not looked into the sport, I encourage you to do so.

Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas capturing the Bridgestone this weekend and is now vaulted to #2 in the FedEx standings.

jack fl

Remember this name, I have a strong feeling that he will become one of the games greatest Aces in the coming years.


Our first time mentioning E-sports and that represents none other than Ninja, who according to Fortnite ranking sites he is #1 in wins and #1 in kills.

Such an amazing weekend of summer baseball, golf and preparation for the upcoming NCAA football and NFL seasons. As many people would call the dog days of summer showed so many great plays and passion pushing toward postseasons for MLB. One of the sports that I happened upon recently was Fly Fishing and one of the most interesting people in that category was Cassie Spurling who started at the age of 5 and is trending toward becoming the face of fly fishing in North Georgia. Finally we will start highlight some of the worlds best clickers in the world of Esports which is growing at a very rapid pace.

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