Thursday – 5 Manly sports you have never heard of–But need to right now.


Calcio Storico – If you love MMA and contact sports this is perfect for you. We have ripped Italians dressed up in Medieval gear picking 1 on 1 fights and trying to get a ball to the other side. A true man’s sport.


Kabaddi – Red Rover meets NFL running back meets tag. This popular Indian sport is the ultimate skill of agility and brute strength that will capture your attention for many many hours.


Hurling – This Gaelic sport which dates back almost 3,000 years is a perfect combination of lacross, hockey, soccer and rugby. I could watch these guys for hours running at full speed while balancing a ball on their hurler and popping it up to slap it in the goal –


Cheese Rolling – This tradition in of rolling a round block of cheese down a hill and chasing it only to be tackled when you get to the bottom is the most insane and brilliant sport ever created –


Bo Taoshi – Imagine a full on military style capture the flag—Japanese style. On man stands on a pole and protected by about 50 surrounding teammates. The other team storms the defense and an all our game of strategy and war commences –

I was genuinely on the edge of my seat during every hour of research I did for these sports. They are so full of rich culture and meaning. I think we have our sites on the sports that are popular in our country, it is a breath of fresh air to see what other people are losing their voices over around the world. Whether you just have time to read the captions or if you can watch each YouTube video, I hope you will be as intrigued as I was about these awe-inspiring sports, these are the faces of sports.

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