Wednesday – Running, Diving, Rock Climbing

Jordan hasay - fastest US marathon runner this decade

Jordan Hasay – Fastest woman marathon runner in the last decade at 25 years of age


Ben Roethlisberger – For you fantasy goons, Big ben is in concussion protocol, keep close eye while in preparation for drafting season.

Alex Honald

Alex Honald – Hype is starting to build for Alex’s new movie coming out where he free solos El Captain one of the most famous rock climbs in the world.

First time an organization had 3 pitchers hit a home run in a year since 1970

John Gant – First career home run and the first time three pitchers have homered in a season since 1970.

Herbert Nitsch - 800 foot dive

Herbert Nitsch – worlds best diver has broken 23 world records and has dove to over 800 feet without any gear.

Welcome all FOSies! Today we wanted to feature some unique sports in one sport that I really enjoy and respect which is the marathon runners. I think that there will be more runners featured in the coming weeks but the biggest name I came across so far is Jordan Hasay. I absolutely love the Rock Climbing culture and after featuring Margot Hayes one of her mentors has been none other than Alex Honald which has been defying what is possible in the world of rock climbing. The final sport is diving anf Herbert blows me away, 800 feet of free diving blows me away–how is that even possible? Either way I encourage you guys to do your own research on these guys that are at the top of their craft.

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