Tuesday – 5 Top NL MVP Front Runners


Nolan Aranado – Rockies 3B – Nolan has been a front runner all year but was recently passed up by Matt Carpenter’s July and August, yet has recently regained most of the top stats in the NL offensively and as always is a favorite to win another gold glove — NL Stats: (#1) .966OPS, (#2) 30HR, (#4) 86RBI, (#4) .309AVG, (#2) Overall Wins Above Replacement.



Matt Carpenter – Cardinals 1B – Up until the last two series in which he has cooled down, Matt Carpenter was stealing the MVP from the National League. He is still the number 1 slugger but will have two have a good September to claim his first MVP of his career. Stats: (#1) 33HR, (#2) .957OPS, (#3) .572SLG, (#3) Wins Above Replacement, Tied (#1) 66XBH, (7) DRS


Paul Goldschmit – Dbacks 1B – He  is hanging out in the top 3 but has not gained much traction so far in being the top choice. He has much the same resurgence as Matt Carpenter who started off the year slow but has since become a force at the plate and on defense — Stats: (#4) 4.7WAR, (#5) 28HR, (#3) .399OBP, (5) DRS

Chicago Cubs v Colorado Rockies

Javy Baez – Cubs 2B – The clear popular favorite, Javy was neck and neck with Matt Carpenter and Nolan until a drop in offense recently. If he gets hot again he could easily hold the hardware at the end of the year – Stats: (#9) 25HR, (Tied #1) 66XBH, (#2) 89 RBI, (#6) 4.1WAR, (5) DRS


Freddie Freeman – Braves 1B – He has not been discussed much outside of the Braves circles, However when you look at the stats there is a much different story. He may not have the same power as the others but his value in the NL is unmatched — Stats: (#1) .321AVG, (#1) 5.0 NL Wins Above Replacement, (#2) .403OBP, (#1) 153Hits, (8) DRS

Comment with who you have as your front runner and why!


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