Wednesday – 5 most exciting coaches in each sport


Nick Saban – The legend of a coach at Alabama has been showing what true gamesmanship is this season by not revealing who his starting quarterback is. I firmly believe that his purpose is not because he doesn’t know or that he wants to frustrate the media (but that is a plus). His main purpose is to drive the opposing defensive coordinator crazy.

Jose mourniho

Jose Mourihno – A new member of the post gamer interview hall of fame Manchester United Coach Jose was being scrutinized for losing 3-0 and he held up three fingers and told everyone how many premiere league championships he has one over every other coach in the league combined.


John Krzyzewski – The blue king John is the winningest basketball coach of all time, and does not lack anything in the personality department. Players play ball dreaming to be a part of a Coach K team.


Scott Frost – He may be young and inexpirenced, however he has an undefeated season under his belt and multiple legendary college football coaches have stated that he has something special. If no one else has said it I will. Scott Frost is the next Nick Saban of the NCAA.


Mike Shildt – Newly promoted to permanent manager today, mike is a master strategist that St Louis has fallen in love with and will for hopefully many years to come.


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