Monday – NFL and MLB weekend warriors

Ryan Fitzpatrick

One of my favorite stories from this weekend is Ryan Fitzpatrick. I am trying to pick him up in every league in Fantasy Football. With his second 4+ touchdown game, Fitzy is securing the starting QB job in Tampa Bay.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos

Patrick Lindsey – One of the most unexpected running back outbreaks of the season Lindsey is poised to be the next great Denver running back leaving Freeman owners in shambles.


Fransisco Lindor and the Cleveland Indians have secured the first division title in the MLB with a very mediocre winning percentage of .557. All of Cleveland is thanking the rest of the American league central for their service, as the closest team is the Twins with a .460 winning percentage.


JD Martinez  and the Boston Red Sox secured the first playoff spot even before the Indians got it. They project to be one of the winning-est teams in MLB history.


We are going to watch the rest of the season closely but when the St. Louis Cardinals season looked to be all but lost after dropping three in a row against the Dodgers, in comes Adam Wainwright, plagued with injuries and doubters within the Cardinals and MLB writers alike. Most thought this game was just to please the Cardinals fans that wanted to see the Veteran pitch. All of that could not be further from the truth, Adam showed the heart of a warrior and brought the Cardinals out of the pit and the offense responded. If the Cardinals win a championship you can look back to Sunday night as the catalyst.

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