Tuesday – Mack truck, Ninjas and absolute tragedy.


Khalil Mack – Has brought a mediocre Bears defense and taken them to the next level, not only is he dominating on a national level 


Josh Gordon to the Patriots – If Brady and Co can wrangle Josh Gordon’s off the field problems, does Brady have the next Moss combination?


Christian Yelich – As much as this guy annoys me because I am a Cardinals fan, he hit his second cycle of the season on Monday, and therefore deserves my respect and possibly the MVP vote.


Tyler Blevins making headline again as the first gamer to ever appear on the cover of the ESPN magazine. I am in full support of this guy and I hope that he stays grounded and continues to dominate the sport.


An absolute horrible development as Big 12 Golfing Champion Barquin Arozamena was found assaulted and dead on a golf course in Iowa. They have a suspect in custody. We are all praying for Hawkeye Nation as they mourn this loss.


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