International Thursday – A look into La Liga


#1 – Barcalona – Messi. Need I say more? Barca so far in Laliga is undefeated without even a draw. They look to keep the dominance until the next meeting with Real Madrid.


#2 Real Madrid – The Fly Emirates boys have showed up so far this year in Laliga, the only blemish they have is a draw so far. They are looking to knock off Barca on the top of the list in the coming weeks.


#3 Celta Vigo – The legendary club Celta has emerged as a Cadidate to upset the giants of Barca and Real Madrid. Their 2-1-1 and +2 GD ranks them high as a contender so far this year.


# 4 Espanyol FC – The other Barcelona club has emerged in the top 5 with a respectible 2-1-1 stat line, if team work is the trait of a championship club they stand a good chance.


Getafe FC – This club has stayed as a dark horse in Laliga this year with a bad GD but a 2-1-1 record line. They will look to dethrown one of the big boys to gain some recognition.

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