Wednesday – NBA breakout candidates


Jason Tatum – Roaring onto the NBA scene at just 19, Tatum modeling his game after Kobe is well positioned to have a big breakout year. Plus he’s from St. Louis, which immediately boosts his value. #Cardinalplug


Fred Vanvleet – He was the star guard of the Raptors bench last year, and with 15 PPG he is poised to have a Monster year in Toronto.


LAURI MARKKANEN – The young bull with a beyond the arc potential shot 37% last year and has had many comparisons to Porzingis. Watch out for “The Finnisher”


Montrezel Hurrel – The new face of the clippers has developed into a Deandre Jordan style player, he has all kinds of intangibles he does well from Defense to pick and roll skills.


Jamaal Murray – Developing in his sophmore year, he ranked 5th all time in the NBA in improvement of overall shooting percentage. If he continues this improvement he will be a ALL NBA sleeper.

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